Wow, 2015 has already started and by the time you know it, it’ll be, 2016! As most of us know, in the fashion industry it’s constantly moving forward and planning ahead for the upcoming collections. Browsing and researching many sites like Vogue and even other bloggers, I can see there’s going to be another full continuation on simplistic colors. But compared to the past collections/seasons, there’s going to be way more simplistic colors of pastel and even more of black and white. With the softness and gentle hues, it’s perfect for the upcoming spring collections.

Out of many options, one key item I chose is:


Out of many of the styles, I think the simple tops (such as the tops above) are going to be a continuous hit. Some of the tops may look like your casual t-shirt but they all have different textures and silhouettes. So with that extra touch of uniqueness (with the following pastel colors), it differentiates each brand and their style. And I think that these are something we can all take in into our each individual styles whether if you’re a tomboy, or girly.
Some of you guys may already be ahead in the game but you never know when more styles may come out!


P.S. Following brands (from left to right):
01_Ikumi , 02_ Topi ja Colle, 03_ Google Images , 04_ Topi ja Colle

3 thoughts on “FASHION TRENDS: SPRING 2016 (#2)

  1. I’ve also noticed this trend of simplicity! I love your post about a basic top. I couldn’t agree more! That’s all I’ve been buying lately–it’s the accessories that really change a look up with this trend!

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