Shinsaibashi FEB 12th 2015

Photo by Me.

Being in Japan, WAIT, did I tell you guys I’m in Japan?!
Well, YEP! I am! Many of you may know that Japan is a very fashionable country and the people here are adorable with their
outfits that demonstrate their personality and creativity. It’s quite amazing to see all the fashionable gals ( and guys too).

But, unfortunately, they’re all camera shy so I was only able to snap a couple of people and I’ll introduce to you three people today with the fashion trend I think is very popular on the streets of Osaka, Japan (if you don’t know where Osaka is, look it on on google maps).

First, I was shopping in a cute town, Umeda in Osaka and I found this amazing store (which is now my absolute favorite) called,  “RAGTAG“.


Photo by Me.

It’s a second-hand thrift shop that holds many popular and famous fashion labels like Acne Studio, Comme Des Garcons and so much more. As I was shopping around, I couldn’t help but notice how cute the employees were. I guess ‘cool’ rather than ‘cute’ actually. Check out their style:


Photo and Edit by Me.

As you can see above, both of the staff/employees of this store is very simple yet chic. They are both using the basic color of black, making the look formal but not too formal. If you can take a look at their pants length— it’s both ankle length. With the shortness of the pant, they are wearing socks to make the look very casual and to add a pop of color to soften the hard black look. They both told me, “Today is my lazy outfit day! I’m so embarrassed!” Does these outfits make you think that? I don’t think so. But I guess, for the Japanese, they like taking their time coordinating an outfit and creating that clean cut look. But even if these looks are considered, “lazy day outfits”, I think they look pretty good.

Here’s another example of the ankle length pants:


Photo and Edit by Me.

What do you guys think about this trend? I think it’s very cute and actually have been wearing things like this for a while and am a big fan of showing my fancy socks.


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