So like I’ve told you before, I was staying in Japan for two months, but now I’m back in NY!
Yes, it feels good to be back. But before I start bla-blah-blahing about how I missed NY, I want to talk about what I’ve mentioned in my earlier post about a store called, RAGTAG.

Visual Mechandising FEB262015This store located in a very popular shopping town called, Umeda, and I’m always going there to shop and of course, look at all the fashionable people on the streets.
As I’ve told you before, this shop is my favorite second-hand designers shop that holds brands like, Comme Des Garcon, to Alexander Wang at a affordable price. So during my stay there in Osaka, I’ve visited this particular shop at least 5 times and fell in love with it—even if you’re just looking around/window. Looking around can be boring sometimes but in this store, the visual merchandising team does a magnificent job. Check it out!

Before you walk into the store, you can see that the store is brightly lit with its large windows allowing light to go in as well as present the clothes in a well manner. With their simplistic presentation, they attract customers attention (like me).

Then when you step in….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABam! A whole line of clothing awaiting for you to look at or buy. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Their way of presenting is very simple, so it’s very easy to take a look at anything that grabs your attention. And If you take a look at this picture (above), you can see shoes also lined up underneath the shirts. And these shoes actually go pretty well with the shirts, pants or dresses. This line up is allows the customer to create an outfit easily without any frustration or can be given some ideas from it. ragtag collage fb5 FEB 26 2015

For a easy-going shopper like me, this kind of visual merchandising method is my favorite. Simplicity.
What do you guys think about this store? Would you guys like to visit this place if you had a chance to visit Japan?


P.S. I’m pretty much enjoying the cold NY weather! Can’t wait to get my furs out and walk on ice!

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