Both Dreams Come True (#7).

I was browsing the news articles one night and happened to come about this one article that really made me smile. It was nice to see a news article that brought hope to us people; after watching various government related news.

Now most of you may of heard of the trunk shows. And when you hear of trunk shows, what do you think of? All I think of is “buying clothes for a cheaper price”. Which is probably what most of you may think. Others may be, “a place for fashionistas, fashion officials and celebrities to look and buy clothes to advertise” and so on. Well, it’s usually something like that. However, in this article that I’ve read, it was different. Some of you may have heard of Bridal Trunk Shows for Breast Cancer—or something that has to do with brides and breast cancer.

Yep, that’s about my article

Snapshot from abc11

Snapshot from abc11

Having a close friend that has been through breast cancer, I’m always touched by the topic of cancer. And this one really touched my heart. The benefit for both the brides that can’t afford expensive dresses and the cancer patients who are waiting for treatment.

For the brides: there are many one of a kind dresses. Some are designers but are sold at a reasonable pricing. For those who don’t mind whether or not if it’s a designer or not—some dresses start at $99 (as mentioned in the video).

For the breast cancer patients: “80 percent of the proceeds go to breast cancer research and free services and programs for patients.” In the article is also mentions how they “…work with oncologists and a lot of other doctors who have the most up-to-date research on nutritional needs, stress management, counseling services…”

I can continue how awesome this is but before I explain further, here’s the link:
 (from abc 11)


One thought on “Both Dreams Come True (#7).

  1. I love seeing articles like this! It’s so heartwarming to know that people in our industry are helping out those in need. A lot of the time the fashion industry is seen as a group of self-centered, narcissistic airheads, but stories like these really go to show that we’re so, so much more than that! Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed it!

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