Pre-Spring/Summer 2015. (#8)

Spring is coming and are you ready guys?! I’m totally ready for it!
We experienced (and are still experiencing) a long and brutal winter in NY, and I am totally ready to wear some lighter clothes now! As I was looking through my favorite website/brand, Opening Ceremony, I came upon their Blog Section—OCTV.

Originally being a big fan of Opening Ceremony, I really love this Pre-Spring/Summer 2015 Collection!
And lookbooks, which are supposed to inspire both the runway and street wear for that season, I thought this would be perfect for us fashionistas to try out for this upcoming spring and summer!

Pictures from Vogue

Pictures from Vogue

Before I say anything, check this video out!

This is not a normal runway but it shows how the ready-to-wear clothes can be worn on a everyday basis by letting the runway be the streets of NY. I think this is such a great idea of attracting people’s attention as well as getting an audience who can observe the collection without being “invited” to a show. To me when I first saw this, I didn’t think of this as a runway. I thought it was just a video lookbook so the customers and audience can get a sense of where the clothes can be worn. That’s why I chose this video as the lookbook of the Pre-Spring/Summer 2015 collection. 

The collection itself is a very easy-going one and with the different types of models, we can see how anyone can really wear this collection. I personally love the denim outfit (2nd from left) because it looks spring-like and can also be worn in a formal sense.

Pictures from Vogue

Pictures from Vogue

And if you look closely at the clothes, you can tell that first, the colors are mostly blue which is this spring and summer’s color. Also the exotic prints such as the stripes and palm trees really give that spring/summer vibe. For the thicker fabrics, they all have a their own unique textures. But what’s my favorite is the simple cuts and minimalistic cuts and designs of the shirts, jackets, dresses, and skirts.
And of course—most of us may not be able to afford this high branded items but why not get inspired and create outfits based off of these collections?!

What do you guys think of this collection? Do you think Opening Ceremony has a good concept and lookbook for their Pre-Spring/Summer 2015 Collection? I would totally go for it!

5 thoughts on “Pre-Spring/Summer 2015. (#8)

  1. Hey Pika! Great post! I am so happy you chose to do this as your look book. I hadn’t seen this show yet, and I am glad you enabled me to do so! This is such a unique way to create buzz, and I wish I was lucky enough to be in the streets when this happened. After seeing your blog post I researched this collection, and came across some pictures from backstage! Maybe you will find them interesting as well,

  2. Hey Pika
    Wonderful post! I like the personal flair that you add to your blog.
    Opening Ceremony is certainly unique and does not follow typical trends all of the time. That is what makes the brand great though. By turning the NYC streets into their runway, Opening Ceremony stands out and catches the attention of city goers. Only a select few can attend NYFW, so for everyone else, Opening Ceremony provides a one-of-a-kind show in public. This digital look book, both the video and images, present the collection nicely. The brand image was well displayed. The brand is on point when it comes to creativity- A+, Opening Ceremony!
    Have you seen the brand’s video look book for Spring/Sumer 2014? It is a bit strange but really cool! Check it out here.

  3. Hi Pika what a great post! This collection is beautiful the simple background is great because it truly shows the collection without interruption. The video is awesome I love the idea of the NYC streets being the runway how innovative and creative!

  4. Opening Ceremony is definitely one brand to make a statement! After looking at all many different Spring 2015 collections, I have never seen a designer do styles so out there. These styles make a bold statement and being bold is what attracts a large amount of consumers! Great choice for a look book! I’ll have to dig deeper into the company and see if there are any styles that I like!

  5. I did an assignment on Opening Ceremony. I really like their merchandise. Its fun and edgy. This is defintily a great way to showcase the various looks and vibe of the season.

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