Kenzo SS’15.

I can’t believe that I didn’t even look at the Kenzo Spring/Summer 2015 Collection yet!
It’s what I’ve been waiting to see because who doesn’t love DENIM & MESH? I’ve been a denim and mesh person for probably my whole life and if you take a look at the runway show in general—seriously…IT’S BEAUTIFULL! Gah I want the whole collection especially that oversized denim coat and the mesh skirts.

denim collage mesh kenzo runway

I made a short video look book and how this collection may have inspired a trickle down effect for denim and mesh, Also, I think that the company itself can take a look at the streets and get influenced by it as well for future further ideas ands inspiration.


Instagram: A Collaboration with Food. (#9)

instrggram food collage

So how do people find out about cafes, restaurants and popular hang out places?
Well, you guys are probably thinking what I’m thinking— YEP! IT’S INSTAGRAM! 

I can say that Instagram is probably one of the most important media sources in my life right now, especially when it comes to FOOD.

Living in New York City where it’s full of so many cafes and fancy restaurants, who doesn’t go to them? Well, I do!
I personally go all the time whether I’m meeting up with my friends or when I’m just having a quick brunch/lunch/dinner with the fam. And now, I mostly rely on Instagram to find those places.
Before, I would just walk around the villages and see if I could find a “good-looking place”. But now, with everything being so much more easier and convenient, I use Instagram to see if anyone I follow (such as friends, bloggers, etc.) has recently been to a cafe or restaurant and check what they have to say about those places.

Along with the reviews of Yelp, Instagram is a very big help—not just to see what people have to say about the food/drinks but THEY’RE VISUAL! All of us can see the food and detect whether the type of food is what we want to eat right now or if we may be able to try it.
And with a well-pictured visual of the food, the more it allows new customers or visitors to make their mouth water and visit the place! For instance, like….

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.29.40 PMfrom Jack’s Wife Freda (at Carmine Street)

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.33.01 PM

from Bowery Coffee (used to be on East Houston in Nolita)
Don’t these pictures look delicious!

These are just a few examples but with pictures (and descriptions) like these, they really grab people’s attention and that’s how people have been gaining (or losing) customers.

BUT THEN, YOU CAN’T FORGET ABOUT THE FASHION! The number one reason why these places are gaining customers are because of the fashion bloggers that introduce them and also make them look extraaa good!

Like We Wore What for instance.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.37.43 PM
With Instagram followers of 928K, there are always people looking at her pictures and of course—being influenced by it.
When we look at her post for Jack’s Wife Freda,

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.38.02 PMlook at how many people has like it (about 16K) and commented on it! So not only does fashion bloggers influence fashion with just clothes, but they also influence us with Instagram foods (in a stylish way!)!
What do you guys think about this? 
Have you guys been to a restaurant or cafe after seeing it on Instagram? 

Can’t wait to explore more!


Pre-Spring/Summer 2015. (#8)

Spring is coming and are you ready guys?! I’m totally ready for it!
We experienced (and are still experiencing) a long and brutal winter in NY, and I am totally ready to wear some lighter clothes now! As I was looking through my favorite website/brand, Opening Ceremony, I came upon their Blog Section—OCTV.

Originally being a big fan of Opening Ceremony, I really love this Pre-Spring/Summer 2015 Collection!
And lookbooks, which are supposed to inspire both the runway and street wear for that season, I thought this would be perfect for us fashionistas to try out for this upcoming spring and summer!

Pictures from Vogue

Pictures from Vogue

Before I say anything, check this video out!

This is not a normal runway but it shows how the ready-to-wear clothes can be worn on a everyday basis by letting the runway be the streets of NY. I think this is such a great idea of attracting people’s attention as well as getting an audience who can observe the collection without being “invited” to a show. To me when I first saw this, I didn’t think of this as a runway. I thought it was just a video lookbook so the customers and audience can get a sense of where the clothes can be worn. That’s why I chose this video as the lookbook of the Pre-Spring/Summer 2015 collection. 

The collection itself is a very easy-going one and with the different types of models, we can see how anyone can really wear this collection. I personally love the denim outfit (2nd from left) because it looks spring-like and can also be worn in a formal sense.

Pictures from Vogue

Pictures from Vogue

And if you look closely at the clothes, you can tell that first, the colors are mostly blue which is this spring and summer’s color. Also the exotic prints such as the stripes and palm trees really give that spring/summer vibe. For the thicker fabrics, they all have a their own unique textures. But what’s my favorite is the simple cuts and minimalistic cuts and designs of the shirts, jackets, dresses, and skirts.
And of course—most of us may not be able to afford this high branded items but why not get inspired and create outfits based off of these collections?!

What do you guys think of this collection? Do you think Opening Ceremony has a good concept and lookbook for their Pre-Spring/Summer 2015 Collection? I would totally go for it!

Both Dreams Come True (#7).

I was browsing the news articles one night and happened to come about this one article that really made me smile. It was nice to see a news article that brought hope to us people; after watching various government related news.

Now most of you may of heard of the trunk shows. And when you hear of trunk shows, what do you think of? All I think of is “buying clothes for a cheaper price”. Which is probably what most of you may think. Others may be, “a place for fashionistas, fashion officials and celebrities to look and buy clothes to advertise” and so on. Well, it’s usually something like that. However, in this article that I’ve read, it was different. Some of you may have heard of Bridal Trunk Shows for Breast Cancer—or something that has to do with brides and breast cancer.

Yep, that’s about my article

Snapshot from abc11

Snapshot from abc11

Having a close friend that has been through breast cancer, I’m always touched by the topic of cancer. And this one really touched my heart. The benefit for both the brides that can’t afford expensive dresses and the cancer patients who are waiting for treatment.

For the brides: there are many one of a kind dresses. Some are designers but are sold at a reasonable pricing. For those who don’t mind whether or not if it’s a designer or not—some dresses start at $99 (as mentioned in the video).

For the breast cancer patients: “80 percent of the proceeds go to breast cancer research and free services and programs for patients.” In the article is also mentions how they “…work with oncologists and a lot of other doctors who have the most up-to-date research on nutritional needs, stress management, counseling services…”

I can continue how awesome this is but before I explain further, here’s the link:
 (from abc 11)



For all the Chanel lovers out there, recently, Chanel’s Fall 2015 show was presented in Paris. And of course, Karl Lagerfeld moved the runway to a restaurant. Last year being a Chanel Supermarket, this year was Breakfast with Chanel. For the past collections from Chanel, I’ve been loving the lifestyle format of the runway shows and I thought it was perfect since all of the clothes were mostly ready-to-wear. So by creating a setting that any person can relate to, it allows the customers image themselves wearing the clothes as well as sends them a message that whether your going to the supermarket or just for breakfast, don’t be shy to dress yourself

Unfortunately, I only found a snippet of this recent collection, soI will post here both the supermarket runway video and the breakfast video for those didn’t watch it yet! Also, check out what Karl has to say about his “down to earth” collection!

And as an extra, here are some photos I’ve found on NY Daily News from the recent collection—
Like the pictures below, I love the black see-through dresses but my absolute favorites were the quilted materialed coats and skirts!

from NY DAil

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.49.33 AM
Seriously, Karl is an expert at creating these real-life settings for both the models and for the consumers for not just inspiration but also to influence anyone to become fashionable—especially with his designs.


UPDATE: Go to Chanel’s Facebook page or official website and the video is up!
Click the link here→
or here→