For all the Chanel lovers out there, recently, Chanel’s Fall 2015 show was presented in Paris. And of course, Karl Lagerfeld moved the runway to a restaurant. Last year being a Chanel Supermarket, this year was Breakfast with Chanel. For the past collections from Chanel, I’ve been loving the lifestyle format of the runway shows and I thought it was perfect since all of the clothes were mostly ready-to-wear. So by creating a setting that any person can relate to, it allows the customers image themselves wearing the clothes as well as sends them a message that whether your going to the supermarket or just for breakfast, don’t be shy to dress yourself

Unfortunately, I only found a snippet of this recent collection, soI will post here both the supermarket runway video and the breakfast video for those didn’t watch it yet! Also, check out what Karl has to say about his “down to earth” collection!

And as an extra, here are some photos I’ve found on NY Daily News from the recent collection—
Like the pictures below, I love the black see-through dresses but my absolute favorites were the quilted materialed coats and skirts!

from NY DAil

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.49.33 AM
Seriously, Karl is an expert at creating these real-life settings for both the models and for the consumers for not just inspiration but also to influence anyone to become fashionable—especially with his designs.


UPDATE: Go to Chanel’s Facebook page or official website and the video is up!
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