How’s everyone enjoying the beginning of fashion week so far?!
As a New Yorker and fashion student, missing fashion week is the sadest thing for me! (But oh well! I’ll just enjoy the rest of my stay here in Japan!)

As I was looking through some of the collections and read some articles from The New York Times, I came upon a pretty awesome article. ABOUT GUCCI! And to be honest, I’m not a big fan of Gucci and don’t own any of their products. But this article amazed me and was impressing to hear about this news.

Here’s the link to those who may want to read the article:

Well to some up the article, the article was basically about the change in Gucci’s style due to a last minute change. After the start of fashion week, there was news that “…Frida Giannini, Gucci’s creative director since 2006, and Patrizio di Marco, her partner and its chief executive, would leave the house after of the presentation of” the first launch of Gucci’s mens. But it ended up being the week before instead after the show. Ms. Gianni abruptly left the company leaving this collection to a halt & having to cut all the booked models.
When that happened, her deputy and head accessories designer, Alessandro Michele, stepped in, taking her spot—working and producing a new collection and booking new models within the week.

And the new collection was something like this:

gucci runway

Pictures taken form The New York Times

The theme being “Urban Romanticism”, for a menswear collection, it looks girly.


Pictures collected from google images.

As describes Gucci, the collection included, “Inevitably, the droopy, androgynous languor of the show and its blurred gender…”
The design was formal yet elegant. But in some of the designs, by including the chiffon bows, it created a feminine look.

But Gucci also include many simplistic looks, like this:


Google Image.

In addition to the chiffon bow collections with the colors of red, burgundy, burlap/beige and exotic prints, Michele was able to also produce simple shirts and pants with a smooth fabrication to create the soft look.

Unfortunately, the blog from The New York Times haven’t given me enough details from this collection, which is giving me a hard time to give you guys great details about the fabric. But from what I’ve seen, corduroy, silk, leather and wool can be used. Corduroy for the double breasted collared burgundy jackets and the wool for the full on coats. Leather is used in the picture above for the shirt. Silk for the chiffon ribbons. I fell in love with this collection with the wide variety of fabrications used and soft color hue used to create a feminine look for the 2015 F/W collection.

Look up “Gucci Menswear F/W 2015 Milan Collection” or something like that on google and see the remainder of the collection!